My Family - Mi Familia

Luz Myriam Bushnell is the founder and CEO of “My Family – Mi Familia”. MfMf is a unique bilingual home-base early intervention program and curriculum that provides a holistic approach through a variety of therapeutic-remedial strategies to facilitate consistent developmental progress for each child.

The program has it roots in the core personal believes, values and experiences from her early childhood in Colombia, throughout her education and over 20 years of work experience and research.

The program became so successful that it is now widely adopted in the United States.


A word from our Program Director

Throughout my life, a wide range of special and unique experiences have shaped my career and way of helping bilingual children with special needs.

Experience with my younger sister, Ayda, who was the first child born with down syndrome in a small village in Colombia, had an enormous affect on myself and my entire family. Ayda was already 10 months old when she was finally diagnosed, and there was not much education at the time on how we could help with her development. However, watching Ayda survive her condition gave our family inspiration and hope that we could help her effectively. I still remember teaching her how to walk, and how to dance.

I began to study Occupational Therapy in Bogota, Colombia. I’m interested in gaining as much insight as possible into early childhood and infant development for the benefit of those in need of it. Pursuing and acquiring such information, and implementing that knowledge with the best of ability and intentions for children born developmentally delayed has been my passion and purpose for the past thirty years. Infant and early childhood intervention/therapy is where my heart lies.

My initial introduction into the field of pediatrics was during my first years at the Occupational Therapy program in Bogota. This experience has had a profound impact on my career and on myself. I was introduced to a wide range of diagnoses, and I found every chance to help with the progress or recovery of children to be very rewarding.

Over the course of my career I have worked in many different hospitals and health-care facilities in different parts of the world. I have worked as an Occupational Therapist for early intervention for infants and children in three countries – Colombia, the U.K., and the U.S. – in which I have learned many different therapeutic techniques, while experiencing the unique cultures of each place.

Luz Myriam Bushnell

CEO and Program Director

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We offer a wide range of programs by licensed and reputed therapists. Schedule your appointment now!